Spiders in our Classroom, Self Portraits with Miss Joy and Germ Fighters!

Spiders in the Classroom?

We are looking forward to our first 4 Winds Science program on Monday 9/28 – which will focus on spiders. So, we practiced partner reading with some non-fiction books about spiders. We recorded what we noticed about spiders in the books and shared our ideas. We decorated our own nature specimen bags and grabbed our magnifying glasses and headed outside. We spent some glorious time out in the forest searching for evidence of spiders and collected a specimen to observe and to draw for our Science Folders. It was lots of fun and it is really challenging to get a photograph of a spider web!

Self Portraits

On Wednesday, we worked with Miss Joy to sketch a picture of ourselves. We shared a lot about the shapes we saw in our faces and how to create them on our papers.We used mirrors to observe the details of our faces. We will be going back next week to do our final copy and to paint them using watercolors. We are going to be making tie-dye t-shirts with Miss Joy on October 5th at 1:00. If you are able to come in for about an hour, let me know – we could really use some extra hands for this project.

Germ Fighters!

Despite this amazing weather, we have lots of runny noses in our classroom! We are doing a few things in class to help keep us all healthy and at school. First, we are all going to wash our hands upon arriving in our class each day. Next, we are going to use tissues on our runny noses and use hand sanitizer or wash our hands afterward. Last, we are working hard to remember to cough or to sneeze into our elbows to keep our germs at bay.

Solving Problems is Kid Stuff, too!

We practiced a few petals from our “Conflict Flower” this week. We are learning how to solve problems without help. We have nine petals on the flower. We can select the strategy according to the problem at hand. We have practiced the strategies of “Ignore” and “Compromise” so far. We will practice it some more and add more to our toolbox.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

Beginning this week, we began the FFVP at school. Four days per week we get to try a fruit or vegetable. This week, we tried watermelon, plums, fennel and tomatoes. We learned about the vitamins these foods provide as well as how they help our bodies stay healthy!

Spanish News

This week, we learned a new song called Hola Amigos, read a book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie in English and Spanish to learn some school vocabulary – libros (books), escuela (school), mochila (backpack), bolsa de lonche (lunchbox) etc. We also practiced the names of some common fruits to go along with our FFVP.

Specials Schedule

M/TH/F: Wellness

Tuesday: Library/Book Buddies

Wednesday: Music

Art time with Miss Joy is scheduled as needed.

Children need sneakers for Wellness and their books on Tuesday.

Important Dates:

September 25 – Book Order Due

October 1 – Open House 6-7

October 2 – 10:50 a.m. for Kindergarten

October 12 – Mountain Day

October 15-16 – No School for Students

Have an excellent weekend!

If you are so inclined, we’d love any donation of “lotion” kleenex and/or hand sanitizer for our classroom.


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