Our Favorite Books and The Alphabet Bandit Strikes in our Classroom!

Our Favorite Books

We had a blast sharing our favorite books with one another this week. At first, we found our favorite page. Then, we shared it with the class. We also learned about partner reading and shared books with one friend. Finally, we wrote and drew about our favorite books. We noticed that most of our favorites are fictional stories and only three of us chose non-fiction books for our favorites.

The Alphabet Bandit Strikes!

We organized and shared our first and last letters and we talked about the lower case letters, too. We read many “ABC” stories this week – a favorite was The Disappearing Alphabet. On Thursday, some of our letters disappeared and we got a note from the Alphabet Bandit. He stole some of our letters! We made off with all of our “first” letters – A, B, C, I, J, L, O, P, Z. That made our search much more urgent – we needed those to write our names! We wrote the bandit a letter back and asked him to leave our letters alone!


Important info:

Book Orders Due – 9/25

Open House – 10/1 – 6-7pm

Picture Day – 10/2

Mountain Day – 10/7


Guest Teachers and Fire Drills

Our guest teacher shared that the children did a great job of helping her to know and to follow our routines. Thankfully, Sawyer made a quick recovery from some food poisoning and I was only out for one day.We also had a fire drill on Friday morning. I am sure you will hear the highlights of that!


Library Check Out

Almost all of us remembered to bring our books back to return on Tuesday! So awesome! Thanks for helping your child remember to be responsible for their books. After they practice with the paperback books, they will be able to check out hardcover books from the library.


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