Bird Reports and Time Sure Flies…



Hello Families,

Last week we spent time with our friends from Ms. Myriah’s class sharing our bird reports. Their class studied Cardinals and we studied the American Robin. So, we got to exchange information about our fine, feathered friends.

On Friday, we shared our animal reports with them. We have been using the Internet platform, PebbleGo! to research about our forest animal. Each of us has an animal name for Forest Fridays so we are researching anything from a fox to a skunk. The children have really enjoyed using the Google Chromebooks to learn more information about the animals. Then, we translated that information to our reports. Many thanks to Mrs. Mitchell for helping with this project. It is a bit challenging to help 10 children navigate the Internet at the same time.

Last Friday, we had a BLAST in the forest. Almost all of the children were wondering how the time went by so fast. We were so busy making teeter-totters, some children made a “ride” on a vine that was hanging from a taller tree, we dug worms and counted them, we cleared land for some new buildings we want to create, we made mud pie smoothies and cakes and some of us played house. We have had such an amazing year out in the woods. The children are also creating “Thankful Wish Flags” with Mrs. Gombosi that they will hang in their Sit Spots as a farewell and a thanks for our time in the woods. Next Friday, we hope to dig up the pumpkins we buried near the entrance to the Forest Classroom in the Fall. One pumpkin was filled with “trash” and the other was filled with natural materials – compost. We will share the findings that we unearth!

Dates to Remember:

6/7 – Field Trip to Cousino Pond

6/9 – Our Last “official” Forest Friday

6/16 – Last Day of School – Children dismissed after lunch. 11:45



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