Sorry for the delay!


Hi Families!

I’m sorry for letting such a long time pass between blog posts! Here is an update about what we’ve been up to!

Above all else, thank you so much for taking the time to come in to meet with me for Parent Conferences. It was so nice to sit down and to share about all of our hard work and learning.

Additionally, thank you so much for bringing your children to our concert! Wasn’t the show so amazing! They did a fantastic job with the performance – so brave and entertaining.

As you will notice in the photos below, we have a new tool to use as we practice our writing skills. We were awarded a “Kids In Need Foundation” Grant for $100.oo from A.C. Moore to purchase sketchbooks. We LOVE them and are so thankful to have these journals to make our writing really come to life!




Our final activity of our Fairy Tale Study was to make our own pizzas! Laura LaVacca came from ANESU Food Service Cooperative and helped us to make some delicious creations. Some of us even tried an anchovy!

Finally, we had our January Four Winds session about White Tailed Deer. It was a cold day but we had lots of fun! Many thanks to our fearless teachers for braving the conditions with us!

Hope the snow days have been good to you. I need a break from skiing but it has been beautiful!



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