So much to tell…

As you can see from the photo montage above, we’ve been so busy! Additionally, as the photos attest – we’ve been happily having LOTS of fun!

This last week, we continued to work on our Retelling skills through the story called The Little Red Hen. We also met a character named Henny Penny or Chicken Little in some versions. Those stories were pretty funny and the sly fox strikes again! We decorated a gingerbread person to adorn our “retelling kit” that will likely make it home to you after vacation. The children have learned so much about story structure and story elements in this unit. It is fun to hear them saying things like: “My favorite character is…because he/she…”

We exchanged Valentine’s Cards on Tuesday afternoon – thanks to Lilly’s family for sharing the yummy cupcakes! We were so happy to share our “Splish, Splash” song with our Grandparent/Grandfriend visitors on Wednesday morning, too. It was such a sweet occasion to welcome special visitors to see our school and to share a snack. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this event – it was such a fun morning.

On Wednesday morning, we also had a “pop-up” Forest Friday. The snow was just perfect for building so we couldn’t resist some more time in our favorite place. The children had a blast digging, exploring and building.

Our trip to the Flynn was almost thwarted by a snowstorm on Thursday morning, but, we are all grateful to our intrepid and skilled driver, Katie! We made it to see “Frog and Toad” and back again. Another fantastic trip to the Flynn!


The previous week, we met a real-live, Vermont author named Natalie Kinsey-Warnock. She shared her books with us, as well as a cool slide show about her animals – horses, cats and dogs. She showed us AMAZING, hand-stitched quilts her grandmother made to go along with the books she has written. Gorgeous and so interesting.

As you will also note from the photos, we all celebrated the 100th Day of School. It was pretty amazing to think of all that we’ve done and learned in these 100 Days! The children were so excited!

Enjoy your vacation!

See you back at school on the 27th!


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