News from the Classroom…

Hi Families,

Here are some pictures from our week. We were busy with lots of activities together. The most fun was a new science experience about animal camouflage and the ways that animals stay safe through an online program called “Mystery Science.” We all watched footage of a gopher, a praying mantis and a snail and then we became those animals. We acted just like we learned they do when threatened in their habitat. We took this learning outside on Friday afternoon and even imagined what our own Forest Animal would do to stay safe!

We are working on a new fairytale setting – The Gingerbread Man. And we continued working on our “how-to” writing. This week, we talked about making sure our pictures stay detailed and clear. Often, when we get so good at writing words/sentences, our pictures tend to lose out. So, we talked a lot about how the pictures communicate a lot, too.

Lastly, thanks to Charlie’s family, we tried a dragon fruit for snack on Thursday! It is a cousin of the kiwi and it was pretty delicious! Thanks for the treat!

We will be having Global School Play Day on Wednesday February 1st. Look for a separate email/flyer about those events!



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