A Short but Packed Week!

Hi Families,

I hope you are doing well and enjoying our January thaw. I walked out of school on Wednesday afternoon and thought about spring. That is not a good sign as the calendar still reads “January.” Ahh, the beauty of Vermont winters. Fingers crossed that the snow returns.

We had a good week at school. We worked on the “setting” piece of our Goldilocks and the Three Bears retelling kit. We made a tri-fold that incorporated the three important places where the story occurred – the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom. The children did a super job to create them. We also practiced sequencing the story a few different ways.

We worked on our first “how-to” writing independently and the children did a fantastic job of incorporating some of the elements of this genre – using words like first, next and last especially. At the same time we worked on our own little “how-to” together. It was titled How to Write Words. We talked about how we all know all the sounds in the alphabet now and that WE can say the words we want over a few times, stretch out the sounds we hear and write those sounds down to make words on our papers. We can also use our word wall and our alphabet tools to help us. I was SO impressed with how they did when it was time to apply this tough skill. Finally, we completed a writing prompt about our favorite thing to do at recess.

in math, we will be starting a new unit next week but this week we finished up with learning about subtracting. We also have been making addition equations of different combinations to 3, 4 and 5.

Forest Friday brought us LOTS of mud. I am sure you were all well aware of this the moment your child arrived home on Friday. It was pretty balmy and there really isn’t a stitch of snow left out there. We had a real blast exploring new places in the forest, noticing changes in our sit spot, and acting out all kinds of fantastical stories. We built a fire and had to refill our bird feeders. We read the temperature – close to 45 degrees! – and munched on popcorn. Listening to the children play, problem solve, wonder, create, engage, work, and dream outside is really an amazing experience. Thank you all so much for supporting our Forest Friday – it really is a magical time for all of us.


I will try to upload more pics from our day – my computer is not cooperating at the moment…

Remember – NO SCHOOL for children on 1/23 – it is a district-wide In service day.

Have a super weekend.



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