Born Performers Hit the Stage Again and Globe Trot Scott Arrives…

We began a study of Holidays Around the World this week. Globe Trot Scott – who is a friend of Flat Stanley – sent us two packages from around the world this week. We learned about how children in Italy and France celebrate the holidays. You can see that we really enjoyed the “Buche de Noel” cake that he sent us from France!

We performed our song – “Everyone Has Feelings” – for the crowd at MARS on Wednesday. We also shared the puppets we made with Barbara for all to see! In case you weren’t able to see the show, our puppets are displayed outside our classroom on the bulletin board! Stop in!


We had another successful Forest Friday! The excitement for this week was that we had our first campfire in the ring! After a lot of skillful maneuvering by Miss Myriah and myself – we warmed ourselves by a small campfire this week. We hope to continue this tradition as the weather gets colder. We were so impressed by everyone’s safe and careful behavior around the fire.

Hope you all had a super weekend. We went skiing and I can really feel my legs now – WOWZA! Hope I am not hobbling too badly tomorrow!







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