Halloween and Colorful Conclusion!

What a week! Talk about activity and excitement. It was quite a lot to keep track of but we managed! We started off with a bang by having our Halloween Party and parade on Monday. As well as a super fun biking session with Mrs. Deguise – see photos below. While it was a chilly stroll around the fields and through the woods, we had lots of fun seeing one another’s costumes! Thank you so much for all of the yummy goodies and support you lent to make our party a fun success.



On Wednesday, the 5/6 Unified Arts students presented our class with the door they made that will be installed as an entrance to the Outdoor Classroom. It was a sweet and beautiful hand off. I will take some pictures of it once it is in its permanent home.

Also, we did some work like real scientists this week. We hollowed out a few pumpkins and put some organic and inorganic materials in each one. We made some predictions about what will happen to all the items when they are buried for the whole winter. We also buried a “control” pumpkin to compare the others to in the spring. We all had a turn to put some dirt over the pumpkins to be cozy over the cold months.

Hope you all had a super weekend. Please don’t forget our field trip to ECHO on Tuesday 11/8. If you opted to make your child a lunch for the trip, don’t forget!



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