Kindergartners at Work!

Greetings, Families!

I hope this letter finds you doing well and basking in this AMAZING fall weather and scenery we’ve had this year. What a glorious summer and fall season around here – what does that mean for the winter? Lots of ski-able snow, I hope!

This week, we were able to get a good foundation going for a few learning opportunities in our classroom. We started our “Fundations” program which is a short burst of instruction each day around letters, letter sounds and letter formation. Maybe you saw the Tt crowns or heard your child exclaiming the following: “T!” “top!” “T!” We feel very excited and important when we get to use our wipe off boards for this activity, too!

We also began our Kindergarten Literacy Groups with Miss Ogden. These groups allow for more focused work around creating books, writing words, reading sight words, practicing rhyming, syllables, sentence structure, familiar text reading and the list goes on! The groups last for 30 minutes each day, Tuesday through Friday. This week, we began exploring the letters in our names and comparing them with our friend’s names. We made our first book together – My Fall Book – and we will add it to our book box when we are done to consult during Independent Reading.

Speaking of Independent Reading (Read to Self), we started that this week! We talked a lot about what it looks like to do independent reading and practiced it a lot. We are working on building our stamina in reading so that we can become better and better readers. We also had some “book talks” where we shared our favorite books with our peers. It was really fun. While we are still focusing on apple, pumpkin and fall read aloud books, we started reading the Mercy Watson series with the first book Mercy Watson to the Rescue. We will alternate with some Mo Willems (Gerald & Piggie series) books, too. My goal in these first few months is to really get the children more and more interested in books so that they get in the habit of being hooked even before they can get the words off the page by themselves! The books and authors mentioned above are really high interest and help me to accomplish this goal!

On Thursday, I had the pleasure of completing a district math assessment with each child independently. It was a lot of fun to get that one-on-one time to hear about what they know and where we need to go with math instruction. I was very excited to hear about all the math knowledge they arrived with and we will continue to build upon those strong foundations as we go this year. In our own work in math, we are building and taking apart the numbers to 5. We are working on number formation 1-10 and identifying and creating shapes – common and uncommon. As always, we work on number relationships and counting. We learned a new workplace center called “Spill Five Beans” which will morph into “Spill 10 Beans,” too!

You should see our pumpkin! Remember the one we carved the week of Open House? It has met with quite a swift decline. It is growing fuzzy, white, puffy mold all around the sides of it – which kind of look like hair. The stem part collapsed into the inside and it REALLY smells! We have continued our scientific observations of the apple and pumpkin rotting process and it is pretty interesting and sort of gross. We will put Mr. Pumpkin outside today to continue his rotting process – we can’t take the smell any longer! Even good scientists have their limits!

Today for Forest Friday, we had our 4 Winds visit and it was all about Leaf Litter. I will post pictures below.

Have a lovely weekend!

Dates to remember:

10/11 – Field Trip to Audubon – Permission slips & fee due ASAP – make sure your child is dressed for the weather and outdoor movement that day

10/20 & 21 – NO SCHOOL for students

10/24 – Book Orders Due – online and paper orders

Week of 10/24 – Color Week – more info to follow

10/25 – Pumpkin Cooking with Laura LaVacca – ANESU Foodservice Cooperative

We will need adult helpers for this morning activity. If you are able to join us, please let me know.

10/31 – Halloween Parade/Party – 2:00 at school – more information to follow

11/4 – NO SCHOOL for students



One thought on “Kindergartners at Work!

  1. What an interesting and entertaining newsletter! We need a picture of the rotted pumpkin! I love the ones of the kids and their books.


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    On Fri, Oct 7, 2016 at 7:07 PM, vtcountrykindergarten wrote:

    > kacnlake posted: “Greetings, Families! I hope this letter finds you doing > well and basking in this AMAZING fall weather and scenery we’ve had this > year. What a glorious summer and fall season around here – what does that > mean for the winter? Lots of ski-able snow, I hope!” >


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