A Week of Firsts

Hi Families,

We have been busy and having fun again this week!

We completed our tie dye t-shirt project on Monday morning. It was a spectacular success! We learned about the process of tying the shirt and applying the dye. Many thanks to Mrs. Gombosi and to our family volunteers for helping out. We couldn’t have done it without you! Look for the debut of our new shirts at our Mountain Day Hike on 9/28. We can’t wait to show them off! If you are planning on joining us for that hike, let us know.

We have done many apple experiments and investigations in advance of our first field trip of the year! We dissected apples on Monday and learned a song to remind us of the parts of the apple. With the tune of “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes,” we learned “Flesh, Skin, Stem and Leaves.” We read many books about the apple tree cycle and apple farms. On Wednesday, we tasted three different types of apples – Pink Lady, Golden Delicious and Granny Smith. We made a graph to tell about our favorite apples following the taste test. We wondered where the apples got names like “Pink Lady” or “Granny Smith.” We did a very serious taste test and the most popular variety was Golden Delicious. It was the sweetest of the three and the skin was not as chewy as the others. We had an absolute blast at the orchard. Enjoy the photo evidence of the joy further along in this letter.

We also set up two experiments. We planted seeds from the three types of apples that we tasted. We placed them in a small container and we are going to see if we are able to grow some apple trees! 😉 We also placed four different types of apples in an observation jar and we are going to notice and to record the changes that we see. We are calling this the “Apple Watch Experiment!” The MacIntosh apples were the most brown even from the start. Hmmm…


We wrote the final draft of our class promise this week and we all signed it. I was SO impressed as we processed it together. They have really internalized the need for routines, expectations and rules. On their own, they articulated that the reason we need such constructs in our learning community is because it will help us to “be safe,” “be happy” and “to learn.” It was such a proud teacher moment to be a part of this conversation – what a special and caring group.

We had our first substitute teacher on Wednesday so I could take Sawyer to the dentist. Ms. James had nothing but glowing comments about her time in our classroom. She said everyone was very helpful, welcoming and kind. She is going to come back on October 6 so that I can administer beginning-of-the-year math assessments.

Finally, this week for our Forest Friday, we processed the apples from our trip to Adams’ Orchard with Laura LaVacca and Doreen Bortz to make applesauce.

HOMEWORK: Please have your child bring in his/her favorite book next Monday 9/26. We will keep it for the week and then send it home. Thank you!!

Have an awesome weekend. I think fall is here…

Dates to Remember:

BOOK ORDER – I am sending it in on Monday – 9/23

Mountain Day – 9/28

Open House – 9/29 – 6-7pm

Parent Teacher Conferences – afternoon/evening meeting times on 10/27 and 11/3 – more information to follow.

As an aside, there is a neat looking event going on at Shelburne Farms this weekend. Check out this link to get more information:






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