Persuasive Writing, Inferences, Spanish Singers and Talented Artists

Hello Families!


I hope you have all had a super weekend. Saturday’s weather was nice. I hate to even talk about what seemed be falling from the sky at my house an hour ago… C’mon Spring!

We have been busy with a few different things lately. First of all, we have been learning about how to write persuasive pieces. We have learned that persuasive or opinion pieces are based on what we think and what we feel and that there is no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to this type of writing. We have detailed our opinions about our favorite recess activity and our favorite fruits. You can see those pieces hanging on the bulletin board right outside our classroom. We created a picture of that fruit using cray pas and a complementary colored background. We have learned that along with our opinion we need to include detailed reasons about our choices. It isn’t enough to say “I prefer strawberries because they are good.”  Additionally, I am pretty sure we have all learned how to spell “bec-a-use” as a result of this unit, too!

In reading, we are learning about predictions and inferences. We had a really good time making predictions about the events in a wonderful book by David Shannon Duck on a Bike. We made lots of predictions about what would happen when the other farm animals saw duck riding a bicycle. During another lesson, we used the pictures to infer about what the other animals thought when they saw the duck riding that shiny, red bike! We will continue to work on this in the next few weeks. I think the children are really going to like practicing these concepts with The Stray Dog by Marc Simont.

Our Spanish song “Mi Tio Tiene Una Granja” was quite a hit at MARS! I think every one had a good time hearing about how animals sound “different” in Spanish. Did you know a dog says “Guau” and a rooster says “Quiquiriquiqui?” We also practiced in with Mrs. Beecher’s class because they are our reading buddies. We are a very confident bunch!

We had a good time at the Arts Festival on Thursday. The children really loved seeing their artwork displayed in such a special way. We liked the Taiko performance as well. It is always so amazing to see all of our work – all 5 Towns! – showcased in such a beautiful way.

This week, I will have a sub on Tuesday and Thursday as it is spring assessment time. I will be working with each child individually to check in about all of the amazing progress they have made this year. How exciting!

Dates to Remember:

Book Order Due – 5/20 (extended) – Last one of the Year!

May 30 – NO SCHOOL – Memorial Day

June 9 – Last Day – 1/2 Day for Students



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