Welcome Back! Paper Mache and Bird House Painting

We have had a good week back at school. I think that April vacation did everyone some good in the resting and recharging department!

It is hard to believe that our last day of school is on June 9th – and that we have only about 29 more days together. Sniff, sniff… We have had lots of fun this year, we have learned so much and grown in so many ways.

This week, we started Monday strong with a messy and fun paper mache project with Miss Chris in the Art Room. We used a variety of materials – paper, ribbon, beads, fabric, etc – to create nests to hold our precious clay birds. It was so exciting to get messy and creative as we built cozy nests. I think our clay will be fired in the kiln pretty soon so expect those precious birds home any day.

Thank you so much for building those bird houses with your children. Many of them wrote and drew about them during our Writer’s Workshop on Monday. I hope it was as fun as it sounded in their writing! We painted them today and we will send them home next week so they have time to dry over the weekend. Also, I will send all of their bird work home next week. Speaking of which, we finally finished the Cardinal movie on VoiceThread, so I will attach it below.

This week, we also began a short study about nutrition. We will investigate a few of the foods that we are fortunate to get through our Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program bowls each week. We are going to learn about the important vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that these foods can offer to our bodies. We will be doing some simple cooking and sharing some recipes so be on the lookout for those ideas and materials.

I am sending a math game home – Shake Five Beans – and I hope you have some time to play it this weekend. The children shake 5 beans that are red on one side and white on the other side. They write the equation they notice with the amount of white beans written first. For example, if 3 are white and 2 are red, then you can write 3+2 = 5. You record all the combinations in the grid until it is full.

There is no need to send the record sheet back but please return the “beans” as they are part of many workplace centers we use in our classroom. Don’t hesitate to change the numbers if the game needs more challenge – I have sent 10 beans but you could use heads/tails of pennies, etc, if you want a higher number of items to record. Have fun!

I hope you are all doing well and I hope the weather continues the warming trend quickly!

Here’s the Cardinal Movie – Enjoy!



Important Dates:

May 13 – No School for students – Teacher In-Service Day

May 20 – FINAL Book Order due – online or by paper flyer returned in the folder

May 30 – No School – Memorial Day

June 9 – Last Day of School – HALF DAY for Students


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