4 Winds, Clay Birds, Expert Performers and Peking Acrobats

Hi Families,

We have had a busy week and it truly has flown by!

On Monday, we were treated to another 4 Winds session with Kir. We learned about the way that plants and animals defend themselves from predators or threats around them. It was really a lot of fun to investigate a variety of animals and plants and to see what types of ways they can keep safe. From quills to camouflage patterns, we were reminded of the wonder of the natural world. Thanks, Kir!

On Wednesday, we shared our “Eggs, Eggs, Everywhere” chant with the whole school! Everyone did such a fantastic job of sharing the chant with a loud voice, slow pace and smiling face! I was so proud of all of us – what expert performers! If you took a picture of it or a video, can you let me know? I’d love to put it on the website!

Also on Wednesday, we worked with our new art instructor, Ms. Chris Billis, to create clay birds. It was so great to be back in the art room and what a treat to work with clay. Ms. Billis is filling in for Miss Eliza Joy who will be out for the rest of the school year. The birds will be fired in a kiln over vacation and we can share our finished products soon.

We built our birds nests on Wednesday afternoon and it was so fun. We did a fantastic job of making a cozy nest using natural materials. We had a few eggs on hand to test for comfort and fit! I hope the nests made it home in reasonable shape. I will put some pictures on the Shutterfly site so you can see our process. The children really had a blast – especially when we needed to borrow some sand for construction from the sandbox on the playground – cool mission!

Today, we went to the Peking Acrobat show at the Flynn. It was our last show for the year. Thanks so much for all of your chaperoning help and support of the arts at our school. I think it is such an important component!

Today, I am sending home some more books for home book boxes as well as a few Go Fish! games that you can play over the break. In addition, I am sending home instructions and materials to complete the “Bird House Project.” Please take the time to construct the house and bring it back after vacation! We will paint and decorate the house upon our return! Thanks in advance and have fun with it!

Have a super duper week – I think the temps are heading up and spring is on the horizon!



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