Non Fiction Writing Experts

Hello Families,


I hope you are all doing well. It was so nice to see some of you last night at Family Literacy Night. It was so fun to share some games that we play at school and to make one to take home. Thank you so much for taking the time to come and support your child and our school community.

We have had a short week just chock full of interesting work. We have been working really hard to complete our bird fact books. It has been so exciting to see what an amazing bunch of writers we have in our classroom. I have been so impressed with their capabilities and interest in what can be a really tricky task for young children. We have learned a lot about the Blue Jay and the Cardinal this week. We are putting the finishing touches on our facts so that we can make “movies” to showcase our knowledge about these birds. We will have those up soon.

The above link will take you to the blue jay “movie” we made today!

We have made binoculars and science sketch books to support our birding walks that will happen next week. We also looked at some amazing pictures of nests and postulated about the materials the birds used to make them homey. We even saw one nest that had ribbon woven right into it. Here are a few of the resources we used to get a picture of nests from around the world and to watch a robin in action!

Here is the link to bird nests from around the world:

Here is the video of the robin building a nest!


Next week, we are going to build our own nests and bird feeders. I will send a list of any items that the children have requested that they will need to create the nests. Additionally, each child will bring home a bag with a list of their desired materials today. If you have a chance this weekend, maybe you can head outside (assuming it stops raining/snowing long enough) and collect some of the items from the list. We will do the same here to fill in the blanks of what we need, but, it would help tremendously to have some help with this. Additionally, if you have those tin pie pans (disposable) that you could donate to the cause, that would help with creating and transporting in the end. PLEASE don’t feel as if you need to go out and purchase anything for this! It will be fun to try to be as “bird-like” as we can to complete the task! I have already gathered all of the stuff we will need for the bird feeders.

Remember, our trip to the Flynn Theater for Peking Acrobats is 4/15 (FRIDAY) at 12:00. We will eat lunch early that day before we leave for the show. I will contact people in a separate email about chaperones.

If you haven’t filled out the Parent Placement Input Form yet, please do so, as our team will be meeting soon to create first grade classes! If you need another copy or more information please send me an email and I will help!

Have a great weekend.



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