4 Winds, Non-Fiction Eagle “Movie” and April Fools

Hello Families,

We have had a fun week – busy as usual. Spring has come and gone! Speaking of our crazy weather, if you get a chance, come and check out the lambs and lions we made on the bulletin board outside our room. Very cute and individual. We created the lambs in an effort to explore tints and shades of a color. It was lots of fun. The children loved the magic of color mixing!

4 Winds Session – Owls

On Monday, we had our March 4 Winds session with Val and Kir. It was SO amazing – all about owls. We learned about how they move, what they eat and some special adaptations they have. Kir shared this really neat video that shows the difference between an owl and other birds in flight. The owl has special feathers that make NO NOISE when they are flying. I will post the link to the video below so you can see it, too. We also got to take apart owl pellets and see what creatures fell victim to an owl’s appetite!



Non-Fiction Eagle “Movie”

We learned the difference between fiction and non-fiction a long time ago, but lately we have been writing facts (non-fiction) about eagles. This week, we created a “Voicethread” movie that shared our favorite facts about eagles. While we do know lots more than the movie highlights, you can hear us read our facts and see the drawings we created to accompany them. I hope you were able to see it. I will post it below so you can see it here, too, if you missed it on the email I sent on Thursday. As you will learn in the movie, we have a particular fact that stuck out about eagles as many of us selected it for publication!


April Fool’s Day Shenanigans

Well, it happened. I taught your children that you can grow doughnuts from doughnut seeds! If they begin to ask to plant Cheerios, I just wanted you to know why! We had fun yesterday talking about tricks and pranks and then did a few of our own. I will put the pictures on the Shutterfly site so you can see the fun. Here’s one to sum it up…

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Important Dates:

NO SCHOOL – 4/4 for current Kindergarten Students

Literacy Game Night will be taking place on Thursday, April 7th from 5:457:30.  We hope you can come join in on the fun!  There will be a delicious (and free!) meal provided followed by fun literacy games for all ages.  This event is sponsored by Project READ.

Flynn Theater Field Trip – 4/15

April Book Orders Due – 4/28


Have an awesome weekend! I hear the lion is going to be back around so bundle back up again!






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