Birds! Parent Conferences and Making Connections as Readers

Hi Families,

I hope you are all doing well and firmly re-rooted in school routines. It was kind of a weird week at school – I think the snow delay threw us off a touch. We were so glad to have Sawyer visiting on Monday for the day. He loves learning and helping our friends. On Tuesday, many friends were wondering if he came back. He even asked if he could come with me rather than head to his own school!?

On Monday, we also had our 4 Winds session which focused on bird behavior, body structure and function and other bird fascinations. Kir and Val led us through an awesome session that has inspired further study for us. We measured our own “wingspan” and compared it to birds that we know. I hope our wingspan doesn’t indicate future “height” because if it does, I am going to be an even shorter old lady!

We wrote about what we already know about our favorite birds and I will post those pieces on the Shutterfly page – we have grown to be quite an amazing bunch of writers. This non-fiction exercise has been a super jumping off point as we build those skills this spring. We are going to follow that writing with one about what we want to learn about our favorite birds. I hope we can do some research about our birds in the coming weeks on our Google Chromebooks.

In reading, we began a new unit centered on the idea that “Good Readers make connections.” We are focusing on books written and/or illustrated by Tracy Campbell Pearson. So far we have enjoyed The Howling Dog, Where Does Joe Go? and Bob! Her works have really captured our imaginations. We are reading to find ways that her creations remind us of our own experiences (text-to-self), other books we’ve known (text-to-text) and things we know in the world (text-to-world). Ms. Pearson is coming to visit our school and to work with our class on March 22nd. She has been invited by Project READ and we are so excited! I know that she will be so impressed that we are experts about her work!

We will be meeting this week for Parent Conferences and the Report Cards for this term will come home on Thursday. I will send an email with a reminder about the date/time of your appointment. As always, if you have a conflict and need to reschedule, just let me know!

Sorry for the delay in this “Friday” Letter – I felt swamped this week for some reason!




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