Happy 100 Days of School! | Happy Valentine’s Day! | Storytelling

Happy 100th Day!

We had an awesome time celebrating the 100th Day of Kindergarten! Can you believe it? I hope you heard all about our projects to celebrate that day together. I was very impressed about how efficiently the children counted and strung fruit loops! What fun!

Thank You!

Many thanks for the support and the supplies for our Valentine’s Day Party. We really had a good time doing all of the fun stations. The fruit kebabs were delicious. I really appreciate the time and the effort you give to our classroom. It makes all that we do that much more successful.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Tell me a story…

We have spent the last few weeks learning about story elements through familiar fairy tales. We learned about characters and settings. We learned about how all fiction stories have a problem (sometimes more than one!) and a solution. We created a setting and characters of our own for the Gingerbread Man and for The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We have practiced telling the stories a number of times together and on our own. We have used different voices for the characters. It has been a really fun way for the children to practice storytelling skills as well as to connect with the curriculum of story elements. I am sending home more books for their home book boxes today and I am sending home these storytelling kits, too. Please take some time with your child and listen to the stories we have practiced. Maybe you have one of your own to share with them, too. It might be fun for your child to make up his/her own story and create characters and a setting over vacation? Have fun!


I have sent home a February Break Packet if your child wants some homework to do. Please feel free to do it or not!

Have an awesome vacation!


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