Global School Play Day | Testing Our Contraptions for GB Man | Editing our Writing

Global School Play Day

I have included the press release from our play day on Wednesday. Here is the best way to show you about our day – straight from the children:

We played battle with animals. It took a long time to separate the animals but we did it and it was AWESOME. Lincoln

We played magnets. We played turtles. Chace

It gave me science and energy. I learned that if you stack six Lincoln Logs, it falls down. Bradley

Playing is fun! Joey

I think it was AWESOME. Payton

It was fun and we got to have it all morning! I liked it!  Calvin

It was fun because I like playing baby dolls. Alexis

It was really fun because we got to do whatever we wanted. We were nice and we didn’t fight! Olivia


We Saved the Gingerbread Man!

These two weeks have been pretty magical with our gingerbread man work! We did such an amazing job of testing some ideas to see what materials would best suit our boat/contraption building. From the planning to the building to the execution, we practiced lots of skills that we will use our whole lives. We had such a blast testing our creations to see if they would safely move the gingerbread man and they ALL did! Thankfully, the seas were calm! It was so fun seeing everyone celebrating each other’s success and I could see them making mental notes for future endeavors!


Editing Our Writing

This week we worked on noticing important elements of written communication in our work and the work of our classmates. We met together to find the following parts in our writing:

  1. Pictures that match the words/sentences
  2. Detailed pictures and labels/sentences
  3. Spaces between words but not between letters in a word
  4. Capital letters to start sentences; lower case for the others

Working together in this way allowed us to share our writing as well as to gain an understanding about how to approach our work next time. We found examples of “best parts” and highlighted them for all of us. It was so fun to see how respectful and supportive the children were of one another’s work. Some friends were so inspired, they chose to work on writing during our Choices time! How fun!


Important Dates:

February 10 – VSO AhCapella! Show

February 11 – Valentine’s Day Party – 1:30

February 12 – Book Orders Due

Week of February 15 – Vacation

School Resumes – February 22


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