Puppets! | Teri Shattuck Foundation | Character Study


Our work with Mrs. Barbara Paulson was just AMAZING! I have lots of pictures to share so please take a look at the Shutterfly site to experience the full effect! The children LOVED every minute of our work together and the finished products are just gorgeous. We had already created our faces by practicing self portraits with Miss Joy last week. We then attached these faces to a simple rod and stick puppet. First, we had to select a piece of fabric for the clothes and then we got to visit the “accessories buffet” and really add important details to our creations. Barbara led us through an exercise to learn how to make our puppets come to life. We introduced our puppet characters to the class and we hope to introduce them to you all at a MARS assembly coming soon…

MANY THANKS to the volunteers that made our puppet making project such a success! Your help really made the session go so smoothly and successfully!

Most importantly, huge thanks to the Teri Shattuck Education Foundation for their generous support of our work with Barbara Paulson of No Strings Attached Marionettes. The experience could never have happened without their help. Please consider a donation to their organization if you are ever able. They support the schools in our 5 Towns in such an important and special way.

Character Study

This week, we have expanded our study of Gingerbread Characters to include the fox. We learned that readers think about the characters as they read. We thought a lot this week about how the gingerbread man and the fox were characters are on the “inside” and on the “outside.” By exploring these parts of a character, we are learning new vocabulary and training our brains to think more deeply as we read. We will be developing some inside and outside characteristics for our puppets next week!


Monday 1/18 and Tuesday 1/19 there will be no school for children. Monday is the MLK holiday and Tuesday is a district- sponsored work day for teachers. The K-2 teachers have been focusing on math instruction this year, so, we will have another session of this work.





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