Globe Trot Scott’s Voyage | Bicycle Graph | Writing Goals

Globe Trot Scott

Last week, Globe Trot took us to England, Israel, and Sweden. This week, we will visit Canada, United States, Australia and China. We have learned a lot about the variety of traditions around the world. The most exciting time was when we found golden, chocolate coins in our shoes (paper shoes hung on our cubbies) on Friday morning. What a fun treat!

Bicycle Graph

Last week, we learned about odd/even numbers through our creation of a bicycle graph. We drew our own bicycles and then put them together to create a growing pattern of counting by 2’s.

Writing Goals

We work hard all year long to become better writers. We follow the steps of – think, draw, label, write – each Monday for our Weekend News. We attend to things like capital letters, spaces, and punctuation when we write. Children become more proficient with these skills and thus more clear writers. This week, we talked about a variety of goals we could have as we grow as writers. Then, each child chose a goal to focus on. I was pleased to see that the skills children chose independently were skills that I would have chosen for them!

3-D Shapes with Mrs. Joy

Last week, we started a 3-D shape project with Mrs. Joy in the art room We created a cylinder and a cone using cut paper and glue. We learned the difference between shape and form. This week, we will create a cube and a pyramid. Our final project will be to put those shapes together to make a sculpture of sorts.

Friends of Robinson News

The Friends of Robinson (our version of the PTO) met on Wednesday evening in the Library. They created a “Giving Tree” for each classroom. If you are thinking of giving a gift to our classroom, that would be fantastic. Here is the list that I submitted in case you can’t come in to see the actual tree list on the wall by the office:

*cool coloring tools

*iTunes Gift Cards (any amount)

*AC Moore Gift Cards (any amount)

*Rat-a-Tat-Cat card game

*Play Dough

Additionally, I am sure that the FoR would love your involvement, so, I will keep you posted about upcoming meetings.

Upcoming Dates:

Class Holiday Party – 12/17 – 1:45 pm

Last day of school for 2015 – 12/18

School Resumes 1/4/16

We will be having a small Holiday Party on THURSDAY 12/17

I will send out an email to let you know what we will need for the party. It will be simple and fun!

Vacation Packet

This Friday (12/18), I will send home a packet of practice work for the break. Feel free to work on it if it fits into your adventures for the break. There is no need to send the packet back when you are done. Please keep reading together each day!

This letter will be the last for this year. I want to wish you all a happy, healthy and fun holiday season. I hope you all get a chance to enjoy time with family and friends and take in the magic of the season with your children.

Thanks for all of you support and kindness. Happy 2016!



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