Color Week, Turkey Luncheon & Ted Scheu

Color Week!

Things have been pretty darn colorful this week! Green was my favorite so far but Rainbow Day will be pretty cool, I bet! It has been a fun way to practice our colors as well as celebrate our classroom community.

Turkey Luncheon – Gobble!

We were so lucky to be a part of the amazing Thanksgiving luncheon at school on Thursday. It was so amazing to see all of us sharing a delicious meal together in a fancier setting with community members. The food was so yummy and the setting so special. Our school truly is a big part of the heart of Starksboro. Thanks so much for coming if you were able. I hope we can do another event like this in the future!

Ted Scheu

We had the amazing experience of learning about poetry from a real, live poet himself. Ted Scheu visited our school . Here is a link to his website if you are interested:

Report Cards

Report cards are coming home on Monday 11/23. Please let me know if you have any questions about them. I am also going to include a checklist of skills that we have been focusing on this fall for you to have as a reference. Also, our final work from our Self and Family unit will come home next week, too

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy time with family and friends!




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