We had such a busy week that I never managed to take any flashy pictures at all! So, this plain Friday News will just have to do! I will do better next week, I promise.

In math, we continued to work on numbers in the teens and practiced quick counting, counting on and grouping amounts using number racks. We learned a new workplace using those racks and practiced our number writing. I am in the middle of finishing up some assessment tasks with the students ahead of the report cards that will come home before Thanksgiving. I am not sure if I shared the link to the Math Learning Center website if you want to do some activities at home.  So, you can follow the link here (http://www.mathlearningcenter.org/resources/families) to investigate web-based practice games if you’d like. Additionally, at my son’s school, they use “Dreambox” a math practice website (http://www.dreambox.com/at-home). As the weather turns, they might be nice options to check out to complement what we are working on at school.

In Literacy, we have shared about our favorite characters and talked a lot about how characters tell the story. The characters can sometimes be animals – Clifford, Elephant & Mercy Watson to name a few. We listened to new books on tape and books on cd during our workshop time. Next week, we are going to begin talking about non-fiction books mostly biographies. This switch will give us practice with “true fact” books while teaching us about important people in the world. This week, we finished up our study of ourselves and our families – our dearest important people.

In Writing, we continued to work on labeling our pictures and talked a lot about adding sentences to match our picture. We were able to add some new words to our word wall that will help us as we make our sentences clear.

Overall, we have worked really hard this week!!

Starting next week and running through 11/24 is our COLOR Celebration in Kindergarten, It is a fun and festive way to practice our colors – it is kind of a tradition. The goal is for us all to wear the same color. On TUESDAY 11/24, we will have a RAINBOW CELEBRATION! PLEASE do not go out and buy anything special or specific for this. Shades of colors are more than welcome!!

So, here is the schedule:

Monday (11/16) – Red or Pink (or both)

Tuesday (11/17) – Orange

Wednesday (11/18) – Yellow

Thursday (11/19) – Green

Friday (11/20) – Blue or Purple (or both)

Monday (11/23) – Brown or Black (or both)

Tuesday (11/24) – RAINBOW!!

Let me know if you have any questions!!

Have a super weekend!


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