Thank You! | Self & Family Unit | Flynn Trip

Thanks so much for making the time to come in to meet with me this week. It was so nice to share your child’s school work and fun with you all. Please continue to be in touch as we move forward this year with questions, concerns and celebrations. Most of all, thanks for sharing your sweet children with me!

Self and Family Unit

We began a unit about ourselves and our families this week. We illustrated self portraits with Miss Joy in the Art Room on Monday and Wednesday. using paint and cray pas. We studied the illustrations of Todd Parr – who writes lots of books about families – and we tried to make ours look like his. The fun part about his work is that his simple drawings are colored with bright and outlandish colors. The results are amazingly vibrant and unique portraits. I will take pictures of these to put on the Shutterfly site. We talked a lot about how we are alike and different. We decided that we are all the same because we all have a heart that has feelings and a brain for thinking. Finally, we learned how to say a few words/phrases to tell about ourselves in Spanish: “Yo soy una nina/un nino.” and “Me llama ________.” Translation: “I am a boy/girl. My name is ________.”

Sandbox in the Sun and the Flynn Theater! 

This balmy weather has been inspiring sandbox digging and building lately! Who would have thought that we’d be feeling so “springy” in early November!? We had a BLAST at the Flynn on Monday. The Lopez brothers from Ecuador put on quite a show – the music was outstanding. Our seats were in the middle floor section – a few rows back from the stage. We really got to see the details of the instruments and how the musicians were manipulating them to create such amazing tunes. Our relationship with the Flynn Theater. Not only is the programming very high quality, they always provide a large number of subsidized seats to make the cost more affordable for our school.

Important Dates:

November 6 – No School for Students

November 19th – Community Thanksgiving Meal – at Robinson – $5.00

November 25-27 – Thanksgiving Break

December 1 & 2 – Scholastic Book Fair at Robinson


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