Pond Explorers, Pumpkins -vs- Apples and Halloween Festivities

4 Winds Excursion to the Pond

We had an awesome trip to the pond on Big Hollow Road. The children were such attentive and careful walkers all the way on the busy road and up a big hill to our destination. We were able to explore different sticks that beavers had eaten, we saw the differences between a muskrat and a beaver skull and we even ate carrots and pretzel rods just like a beaver! We learned that if beavers didn’t use their teeth so much, they would grow four feet in one year! We saw some beginnings of beaver dams and some paths they might use to access the pond. It was a gorgeous day. Many thanks to our 4Winds volunteers and for Mrs. Frazer for making this trip such a success.

Apples -VS- Pumpkins

We compared our work with apples to pumpkins. We studied some diagrams of pumpkins, we visited a garden to see some vines and we “dissected” some pumpkins to process the meat and seeds for the pumpkin cake we made on Friday. We used craypas to draw a pumpkin just like we did with apples. We also talked about how the life cycle of each is the same and different. I hope the pumpkin cake is as big a hit as the apple pies!

Halloween Parade and Party

I will post pictures from our party and parade on the Shutterfly site this weekend. In addition to the parade, we made pumpkin cake from the pumpkins we explored on Thursday. We played a variety of games and made some Halloween-themed crafts. It was a fun day!

Upcoming Dates & Information

The weather has been so changeable lately. However, I think we may be headed toward winter temps. So, please make sure your child is dressed appropriately – warm, winter-weather coats, hats, boots, mittens and snow pants are necessary. We go outdoors every day so please make sure your child is properly dressed

Many thanks to those of you who were able to contribute to the Canned Food Drive. I am sure it was a big success and that Mrs. Shep’s class will let us know how much they ended up collecting for the Food Shelf.

Dates to Remember:

Parent Conferences: 11/2 or 11/4 – contact me if you have questions

NO SCHOOL – November 6th

Nov 25-27 – Thanksgiving Break

Flynn Theater Trip

MONDAY 11/2 is our first trip to the Flynn Theater. We will be back for lunch so no need to pack one.

Parent Conferences

These will be held Monday and Wednesday of next week. If you have a question about your time slot or need to change it please let me know as soon as you can!

Hope you have a super Halloween and don’t forget that we “fall back” an hour this weekend!


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