Apple Cycle & Taste Testers, Fundations & K-Groups, Patterns

Apple Investigations

This week, we learned the parts of the apple life cycle. We learned the stages – seed, tree, bud, blossom, small apple, big apple. We made our own charts to show each part. We even acted out the parts of the cycle on our own “stages” in our classroom. We observed different kinds of apples – Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, and MacIntosh. We made a graph about our favorite kind after taste testing. Golden Delicious was the fan favorite with 7 votes. On Thursday, we dissected apples to see the seeds, meat and skin.

K-Groups and “Fundations”

This week, we began our “K-Groups” with Miss Ogden and Mr. Huggett. These are small groups to provide targeted literacy instruction four times per week in half-hour sessions. These groups are only one part of your children’s literacy instruction and are really effective to provide meet each child’s specific needs as we add to our literacy skills. Additionally, we began a new phonics program called “Fundations” this week. More information to follow as we get further practice in the program. We used our Listening Center and Whisper Reading Phones for the first time this week, too. Never a dull moment!


This week in math we created and made patterns. We made patterns in dance, color, number and shape. We learned a new workplace center to practice copying a pattern and making one of our own. I am sending a game we home for homework. It is called “Beat you to 10” or “Beat you to 5.” Enjoy the game this weekend if you want. You will need a paperclip to use for the spinner.

Watercolor Portraits

We finished our self portraits with Miss Joy on Monday. We learned about watercolor painting and added vibrant color to our drawings. They are hanging in our classroom if you want to peek at them. They are so gorgeous. We will save them at school and showcase them at the Fine Arts Festival at Mt. Abe in May.

Parent Conferences

I am sending home parent conference scheduling sheets today. Please take a few moments to fill out the times that are most convenient for you to visit for the meeting and send them back as soon as you can. If you are unable to meet at any of these times, let me know and we can work something else out. I have very little flexibility before school hours as I wait with Sawyer until the bus picks him up. However, I can meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during lunch (11:40-12:25) or after school except on Wednesdays.

Important Dates and Information:

October 26 – 4 Winds Field Trip to the pond at Big Hollow

We could still use a few helpers for this trip. We will leave school at 10:00 and return for lunch.

Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather on Monday and ready to explore near a pond!

November 2 – Flynn Field trip to see Andes Manta

November 2 & 4 – Parent Conferences

November  6  No School for Students

Box Tops: Our school collects the Box Tops for Education stamps that you see on many popular foods. If you can collect them and send them to school, that would be great! They help to earn money for our school.

Food Drive: Mrs. Shep’s 5/6 grade class is sponsoring a food drive for the Food Shelf. Please send in non-perishable items to contribute to the cause. We have a box to collect the items in our classroom.

If you would like to be added to our Shutterfly site that includes pictures of all of our adventures, please send me an email at and I can add you to our private site. 



One thought on “Apple Cycle & Taste Testers, Fundations & K-Groups, Patterns

  1. Kerry,

    Why does your newsletter say there’s no school on Nov. 5th? It’s a regular school day.

    Your newsletter and classroom are so rich with curriculum! The apple unit is so deep – very impressive.

    Thank you, Edorah


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