Short week = Short Report!

I am writing to let you know that I am sending “homework” home in the folder today. We are in the midst of a faculty discussion about homework guidelines at our school. For now, I will send homework home from time to time – thanks for collecting all those leaves! – and you can send it back, keep it at home, complete it or not! I think that Kindergarten children need down time after long, engaging days at school and more schoolwork at home doesn’t accomplish that very well. If you have questions, concerns or other thoughts, I’d love to hear from you. Otherwise, just use the homework as you wish!

Thanks SO MUCH for joining us on the hike all of you families that were able! We had such an amazing day and the children had such a blast – what intrepid hikers! Our tie dye t-shirts were the envy of our peers and the trail mix we made before we left kept us fueled throughout the trek.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to study the apple cycle and compare apple anatomy to other fruits. To finish the unit, we are going to make (and eat!) apple pie. If you have any of those apple peelers that hook on a table, we’d love to borrow them!

Upcoming events:

October 26th – 4Winds Field Trip to the Big Hollow Pond. We would LOVE some adult helpers if you are available that day! Children will need to be dressed to be outdoors for 2 hours and have sturdy boots. I will send a reminder closer to the date.

November 2 – Flynn Theater Field Trip to see Andes Manta

November 2nd/4th – Parent Conferences in the evenings. More information to follow.

November 5th – NO SCHOOL for children

I am looking for some parent help to cover some shoe boxes with paper to create our home book boxes. If you have some time to spare, let me know. It requires coming in to school for a bit to cover the boxes. I would like to have the project completed before the Thanksgiving break (11/24).



2 thoughts on “Short week = Short Report!

  1. Hi Kerry,

    I appreciate your approach and communication around homework. Also, I’d love to join your field trip to Big Hollow Pond. Have you gotten a volunteer for the shoeboxes? I’m just curious about whether such requests readily yield volunteers.

    Thanks for a great newsletter-



    • Hi Edorah,

      Thanks for reading our newsletter! We’d love to have your help for our trip to the pond – thanks! I haven’t had any takers on the book box project yet.



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