Outdoor Classroom | Building Community | Writer’s Workshop

Outdoor Classroom Visit!

We had many highlights during this short week but probably the best part was a trip to our Outdoor Classroom! We had a blast searching for letters in nature, shapes along the trail and listening for chipmunk conversations. We are so lucky to have this treasure on our campus. The older students made the trails and fashioned the benches last spring. I know it will be a favorite spot through our seasons this year. We even saw a rock that looked like a dinosaur out there!

Building Community

This week, we read lots of books about feelings, taking care of one another and our school environment. We made posters with words of advice to David – the main character of David Goes to School – as we learn our own rules. We read a story about filling our buckets with good feelings and kindness. We learned that what we do and what we say can have a direct impact on our friends and teachers. We used watercolors to make our own buckets and shared our personal promises to keep our buckets full and happy. The David posters are on the bulletin board by our classroom – check them out!

Writer’s Workshop

On Thursday, we had our first Writer’s Workshop session. We read a story called Arthur Writes a Story which reminded us that good writers write about stuff they know a lot about. We shared topics that we knew a lot about – pets, water parks, family outings, friends – and we drew a picture to represent the story. I wrote the words for the children to match the pictures. I was so impressed with how brave and eager everyone was about a sometimes overwhelming process. We all shared our stories at the end of our session. I will be sending more information home about the developmental process and expectations about K-2 writing – as well as other academic areas.

Shoe Graph and Sorting by Attributes

In math, aside from the counting and patterning of our Number Corner work (calendar), we have been sorting a variety of objects. This week, we sorted all of our shoes into 5 different groups. It has been fun listening to the ways we imagine to sort all kinds of things. We even had an investigation of 3-D and 2-D shapes as a result of our sorting work.

Spanish Songs!

We have been learning “Vamos a Cantar” – an active song that teaches Spanish verbs. The children worked together to make up actions for each verb.

Mountain Day

We will hike Mt. Philo as a school community on Wednesday October 7. Let me know if you can join us. We will leave Robinson around 9 and return around 2:00. We usually hike up the trail and hike down the road. We all eat our lunch at the top. There is no charge for the trip. There is no rain date. SORRY for the back and forth about the date of the hike.

Book Orders Due

Book Orders are due on September 25. You can send them in via the Friday Folder or you can enter your order online. Our activation code is:


The website is:


Library Check Out

We checked out our first book from the library this week. We will visit the library each Tuesday. Please make sure to help your child return their book each week.


Please have your child bring in his/her favorite picture book to share with the class. We will keep it for the week and return it home on 9/18.


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