Welcome New Families!

Welcome to Robinson!

Thanks so much for coming to our family night on Thursday! It was so wonderful to see all of you and to share our excitement for the upcoming year. I really appreciate you all taking the time to join us. The meal was lovely, the bus ride seemed quite fun and it was great to share the “nuts and bolts” of Kindergarten before we get going on Wednesday!

I have inserted the information I shared here! Please let me know if you have any questions!

First of all, WELCOME to Robinson!

Thank you so much for taking the time to share this evening with us. We are so excited to welcome you to the Robinson School community. We look forward to our years together! As some of you already know, we all work to create a caring, challenging, and fun environment here at Robinson. At the same time, you are experts about your children and we truly value our partnership to encourage your child emotionally, socially and academically. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, triumphs and concerns that may arise.

Routines and Expectations:

Arrival – SCHOOL BEGINS 8/26

We begin our day promptly at 8:00 and school concludes at 3:00. Please make every effort to get children here on time.

Children should line up outside the entrance near the main office with their class. They are led to the classroom at 8:00. Our free breakfast program begins serving in the cafeteria at 7:45.


If your child is NOT coming to school or will be late or leaving early, please call the office that day. If you want your child to do something different after school, i.e. you will be picking them up early or you don’t want them to take the bus home as usual, please call the office. Often young children get confused about plans and making them the messenger is stressful.

Friday Folders

Every Friday (or the last day for the week) your child will bring home a heavy-duty folder. There will be a Kindergarten Newsletter as well as other notices each week that you will need to read. Help your child to remember to bring the folder back each Monday with homework (sometimes), book orders or notes from you.

*The Lunch Menu goes home in the Friday Folder at the end of the month. Please review it with your child and keep it in a safe place so you can refer to it as needed. Lunch cost: $2.25 and milk .50.

*Class Newsletter goes home each Friday with information about our adventures. It contains information about school and class events. It is a good way to follow up with your child about happenings each week.

*Homework travels in the folder on Fridays. Some math work will need to return to school in the folder. Please read to your child EACH NIGHT.


Please send your child with a good-sized backpack that is labeled with their full name. Please pack a complete change of clothes (all pieces labeled) in the backpack. These clothes will remain at school and should be changed out according to season/size. Accidents do happen at school and it is good to have comfortable clothes at the ready.

Please send the backpack each day and CHECK the backpack each evening as there are often notices sent home on other days.


We have a snack time each morning around 10:00. As we all know, a well-fed body allows our brains to function at their best. We have a snack program at school that provides all children with healthy fruits and veggies. For some children, this snack is enough and appealing. For others, an extra snack from home is helpful. If you think your child will need extra, please send a small, healthy snack each day.

Health Information

Please make sure you have informed us about any health concerns/conditions your child may have. Additionally, make sure you have given your child’s immunization record to Mrs. Cota or Miss Leah (our school nurse).

Weekly Special Classes: (Look for more info in the Friday Folder)

Wellness (P.E. & Health Combined) – 3 sessions per week

Sneakers must be worn on these days so that children can participate safely. Your child can leave a pair of sneakers in their cubby if that is easier for you.

Music – once per week

Library – a book will come home once per week. Please send the book back to school prior to our next library visit.

Art – our visits to the art room depend on what units we are working on and how much time we need with Miss Joy, our art teacher.

Healthy Habits:


We work hard to help children develop a sense of independence. Here are a few ways that you can help:

If you happen to arrive after 8:00 and the children have already entered the classroom, allow your child to take care of our morning routines and their belongings on their own.

Children should be able to dress themselves to go outside. This is especially important in the winter months. Practice snaps, buttons, buckles, and zippers with your children. It is a great goal for children to be able to tie their own shoes by the end of the year! I have included a few links that have good ideas about helping to teach your child to tie shoes if you are interested.



Healthy Activities

Please provide opportunities for your child to get physical activity in their daily routine. Limit the time your child spends in front of a screen of any kind. Establish reasonable behavior expectations and be consistent with your child. Read books with your child every day!

Bedtime Routines

Predictable bedtime routines make getting good rest easier for children. Make sure that your child is getting ample SLEEP by having a regular bedtime that gives your child at least 10 hours of sleep per night. Tired children have trouble focusing, participating, listening and engaging in their work.

Toys at School

Please DO NOT send toys to school with your children. There are plenty of wonderful materials here at school. However, starting in October, there will be one child in the “spotlight” each week. This child is responsible for bringing the “fish bag” home to fill with items – books, toys, etc. – to share about themselves. This would be the only time that toys are okay. The “fish bag” items are displayed for a week and then returned home.

For more information about our time at school, check out the blog from last year at:


Or you can get to it via our school website at: www.revt.org

General Information:

Responsive Classroom/Morning Meeting

In Kindergarten, we will be using a variety of activities to help children get to know each other, our teachers and our school. These activities are critical to building a strong classroom community. Gradually, we will introduce the children to our routines and expectations so they can do their best learning. We will practice our social and problem solving skills every day. We use the following 4 Step Student Management System to support positive behavior choices.

Step 1 – Reminder (specific feedback)

Step 2 – Take a Break in the classroom

Step 3 – Take a Break in our Buddy Classroom (Mrs. Beecher’s room across the hall)

Step 4 – Visit to Behavior Management Office in the Main Office

Reporting Student Progress

Report Cards go home three times per year – November, March and June. Parent/Teacher Conferences are held in November and March. This being said, we can always schedule meetings at any time should the need arise.

Parent Involvement

There are many ways to get involved at our school.

Here are a few ideas:

*Join the FoR (Friends of Robinson – our PTO)

*Help with Fundraisers

*Sports programs

*Field Trips – Flynn Trips: 11/2; 3/9; 4/15

*Open House

*Mentoring Program

*Join us for MARS (Morning Assembly at Robinson School – Wednesday mornings 8:05)

*Come for Lunch with your child (11:30) Please wait until October/November for this.

*Volunteer for the 4 Winds Science Program – each class needs 2 parent volunteers to do this program. It is a super way to meet other parents at our school. It requires one Friday morning per month for training and another 1.5 hour per month to present to the class.

My contact information:

Kerry Lake




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