Baleen Demonstration, Voice Thread Project, and a Seaweed Taste Test

Baleen Demonstration and Seaweed Taste Test

We experienced what it might be like if you had baleen like a whale. We learned that baleen acts like a filter for the whales to eat the krill and plankton from the water. We sprinkled oregano into a large pan of water and used fine tooth combs to capture the “krill” and “plankton.” It was a cool way to get a clearer idea about whales. Also, we observed and recorded our observations of seaweed snack. We all took a small bite of it to see if we liked it, too. A few children liked the snack and others felt it wasn’t for them. I was proud of all the students for trying it!

Voice Thread Project

Many thanks to Mrs. Snow and Mrs. Parren for helping us create the Voice Thread Movie on Thursday morning. it was such a fun way to showcase some of our learning about ocean animals. You can find a link to the show on the Robinson Website if you haven’t viewed it through the link I sent you via email.

Some Assessments Complete!

We have finished our Literacy assessments for Kindergarten. We are still working on the Math inventories but that should be finished soon. I have been so pleased with the progress and growth the children have made this year. So exciting!

Short Week!

Hope you all had a super Memorial Day weekend. The weather was a bit strange but it was good to spend some time relaxing with family and friends.


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