Seahorses, Words Come Alive, Clam Snacks


This week, we focused on the seahorses. We learned all kinds of information about seahorses – they don’t have stomachs, their snouts are like straws and they don’t need teeth. We also learned that they male seahorses carry the eggs in a pouch before they hatch. We wrote and illustrated our favorite fact about seahorses. We studied their behavior – they are terrible swimmers and must constantly move their dorsal fin (30-41 times per second) to keep moving. We watched a few videos that showed them swimming and clutching seaweed to stop moving with the current. It was fun to read some fiction ocean books – Mr. Seahorse, Only One You and Swimmy – have been a few favorites lately.

Words Come Alive

On Friday, I lead the Words Come Alive session while Miss Susanna assisted. It was so much fun! It is always great and terrifying to try out new learning as a teacher especially with an expert in the audience. But, it was so much fun and it was so gratifying to see all the progress the children have made as actors this year. We focused on one page from the King Bidgood book and acted as if we were a variety of the animals on the page. Then, we split into 2 groups and some of us acted while others watched. Finally, we gave feedback or comments to our friends about the interesting choices they made to make each animal. It was so amazing to see how each child is so much more confident in their own minds and bodies to make independent and individual choices in this activity. What a success!

Clam Snacks

We made “clams” for a “cooking” project on Friday! They were pretty delicious.

Thank you!

Thanks so much to all the families who helped to make our teacher appreciation luncheon so delicious. I really appreciated all the gorgeous dishes – it was so kind of you to think of us during this busy time of year.

End of Year Field Trip

We are going to Russell Pond on 6/11 for some fun in the sun (fingers crossed!), a picnic, lawn games and snacks. If you are able to join us, please let me know. I will send a permission slip home next Friday.


While the weather is definitely flip flop and sandal friendly, please help your child remember to bring sneakers on our Wellness days – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. They can change into their sneakers for Wellness if they prefer to wear sandals to school on those days.

important Dates:

Tuesday 5/19 – I will be in the building but will be doing individual assessments

Thursday 5/21 – 4 Winds Walking Field Trip to the pond on Big Hollow (tentative – depends on chaperone availability)

Monday 5/25 – NO SCHOOL – Memorial Day Holiday

Thursday 6/11 – Russell Pond Class Trip 9 (no rain date)

Tuesday 6/16 – HALF DAY – Last day for students

Hope you have an excellent weekend!


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