4 Winds, Art is alive at Robinson, Under the Sea

4 Winds

Last week, we had Koran and Keenann in for our Four Winds learning session. It was a really fun experience with animals and camouflage. The puppet show set the children up to think about how animals use camouflage to survive. The children LOVED matching insects to wallpaper to illustrate how they can blend in to their surroundings. The the picture above, we are searching for bits of yarn on the ground – it was easier to spot the bright, non-grass colored yarn – just like a predator might do. We especially enjoyed the outside activities that highlighted the same ideas and gave us some time to get outdoors. Thanks so much to our Four Winds Leaders, it has been a fantastic year and we appreciate your dedication and commitment!

Under the Sea

As I am sure you have heard, we are learning about ocean animals to round out our year together. Whew! The children are going to be marine biologists by the time we are through! They are learning so much and they are retaining everything we learn. It is awesome! So far, we have learned about sharks an dolphins. Next week, we will learn about seahorses. We are exploring the non-fiction features as we go and trying out some of those features in our own writing. We are creating an Ocean Animal Book of our own using the information we learned about the animals. We will be working with Lauren Parren (our District Educational Technology guru) and Mrs. Snow to create a digital version of our work. I will post it on our class blog when it is complete so keep checking back for it.

Speaking of dolphins, we talked a lot about how dolphins communicate this week. We learned that they use whistles and clicks to talk. We wondered if we could hear like dolphins if our ears were underwater. In case you were wondering why your child is whistling or clicking in the tub – or asking you to whistle and click under water perhaps – that is the reason! 🙂

Other Happenings…

“Walk During Lunch Day” was a success last Wednesday during MARS. With this lovely change in the weather, I think we should do it every morning! Everyone looked pretty snappy in their new shades, too!  Last week, we had a visit from Miss Susanna from the Flynn to do our last Words Come Alive work with a book called King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub by Audrey and Don Wood. I have pictures to share of these events. But, my phone camera and my computer aren’t communicating right now for some unknown (to me) reason. So, when they call a truce, I will upload the photos to our Shutterfly site!

Arts Festival

The children have been practicing their Spring Concert songs and I know they will do an amazing job tonight! Please take a minute to check out the wonderful art work on display in the gym at Mt. Abe when you are there. The arts feed the soul, open the mind and express the heart. What better learning tool is there?

Last Book Order!

I am sending home the last book order today. Please have it back by May 22nd. It is a good chance to stock up on some books for the summer reading pile!

Important Dates:

Spring Concert at Mt. Abe – TONIGHT – please have children arrive by 6:20 to the auditorium. We will sit together as a class. Please come collect your student when the program is over. 

No School TOMORROW (5/8) – for students – Teacher In Service day

No School – May 25th – Memorial Day Holiday

May 19th – I will be in the building doing some end-of-the-year assessments with the children so they will have a sub for the day.

June 11th – Field Trip to Russell Pond. – NO RAIN DATE – so if it rains, we will do some alternate and super fun activities at school!

This time of year is always a rush – so much going on, so many loose ends to tie up and things to do. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions. I know some of you are experiencing your first end-of-the-year time at Robinson so let me know if you have questions about events, etc.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy your weekend! Let’s hope the weather holds!


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