Curious George Flynn Trip, How To Make a Sandwich, and Exploring Sculptures

Curious George

The show was fantastic and the kids really loved it! It was even more meaningful for them since we’d had the workshop ahead of time to get us ready! It was a well done show and the characters were quite amusing.

How to Make a PB & J

Since we’ve been writing “how-to” pieces lately, we did an activity this week to highlight the importance of including all the steps and details. At first, I made a sandwich with all of them telling me the steps. It was a good way for us to remember all the steps and be aware of using good directions. Next, we did some hard work to write down and to illustrate all the steps of making a pb & j. Then, we read the directions to our partner to make sure they could follow along. After that, the other partner got a turn. Finally – and most importantly – we got to eat it! Yum! I think pizza is next…


Vera came back on Monday to work with us on Visual Thinking Strategies. We thought and shared about a photo of a sculpture of three bears. Then, the children had a chance to create their own animal or person using clay. It was  great connection to our fairytales, vocabulary building and 3D shapes!

Empathy & Compassion

Amy and Tim joined us for our CARES lesson for the month about empathy and compassion. We practiced showing others care and concern.

Retelling Round Table

As you know, we have been learning about fairytales and practicing retelling skills. In light of all of our hard work, we will be hosting a “Retelling Roundtable” event at our class on April 16th. We will begin at 2:00 and the children will share a favorite fairytale with you. Then, we will have light refreshments. This event will be such a great way to celebrate all of our learning with you. If you have any questions, let me know!

Kindergarten Registration

We will be having Kindergarten Registration for incoming students on 4/7 but current students will still have school that day. The incoming class is very small so it will only take a half day for the registration. Current Kindergarten students will have activities with Emily for the morning while we do registration with the new class.

Dates to Remember:

Retelling Round Table 4/16; 2:00pm

April Vacation: 4/18-26

School resumes: 4/27

Book Orders due 4/16

Flynn Theater Trip to see African Children’s Choir 4/17.

Enjoy your weekend. Spring was nice for one day. Hope it returns! 😉


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