Visual Thinking Strategies, Curious George Workshop and an Architectural Challenge

Visual Thinking Strategies

Vera Ryersbach, our former Art Integrationist at Robinson, came on Monday afternoon to work with us using a Visual Thinking Strategy Protocol. In this workshop, we used a painting by Pablo Picasso to practice careful observation, we shared our ideas and reflected upon our thoughts. It is a very powerful structure for children of any age to interact with art in a very supportive way. The strategy works by having children share what they notice in the piece and share why they think they see what they see. We were able to practice descriptive techniques as well as expand our vocabulary. I like these opportunities because there is no right or wrong answer only our own thoughts backed up by evidence children can see in the piece. We ended our session by working in our sketchbooks to create our own drawing of ourselves with a pet or animal using colored pencils. Many thanks to Vera for leading us through this opportunity. Next week, we will be working with a new piece and creating with clay.

Curious George

We had Susanna Olsen back on Tuesday to lead us in a companion workshop for the show on 3/31. We loved talking about the characters we will meet on stage. We also learned a lot about the events to expect. It was a great way to prepare for our visit. I will be in touch about chaperone opportunities for this trip. The funds for this workshop were provided by the Flynn Theater Education Department grants. We are so thankful to be selected for these opportunities.

Little Pig Architectural Firm, Inc.

This week, the children were responsible for creating a structure using a variety of materials that would withstand a huff and a puff from a big, bad wolf (a tabletop fan). At the end of last week, we made a blueprint of our idea for a house and talked about the available materials for it. On Tuesday afternoon, our classroom was transformed into an architectural workshop. Each student engaged in the process of building a structure that was 3-D and sturdy enough to withstand the wind. We used A LOT of tape, glue and clay. It was such an amazingly engaging experience for all of us. I was so impressed with each child’s persistence, flexibility and follow through. We tested the structures against the fan and only lost two roofs. Pretty impressive if you ask me!

Literacy Game Night

Thanks to those of you who were able to come out for Literacy Game Night last night. It was so great to see so many of you supporting your child’s literacy development and time at school. Also, thanks to Project READ for putting the night together for all to enjoy.

Parent Conference Gratitude

Thanks so much for coming in during our Parent Conference sessions. It was so great to share all about your child’s progress at school. Thanks for making it a priority to connect about your child’s education even at this young age. I have loved teaching your children this year and I am so excited about all they have learned this year.

Upcoming Dates/Information:

Flynn Trip – 3/31 – morning trip we will be back by lunch time.

April Break begins after school on April 17.

Mud Season is here – we have needed lots of extra socks and pants lately due to getting soaked at recess. Please put a change of socks and pants in your child’s backpack. Also check your child’s backpack often to swap out the supply. Thanks in advance!


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