Abstract Art — 100th Day of Math — Words Come Alive — Ooblick!

Abstract Art

We went to the Art Room on Monday and created some Abstract Art. We looked at some famous works and chatted about what shapes we could decipher. We talked about the shapes we saw and what they could represent. It was so interesting to hear what ideas the children shared. We used tempera paint and a variety of shapes, lines and figures to make our own abstract paintings to calming music.

100th Day of Math

We celebrated the 100th Day of Math by creating 100 Fruit Loop necklaces. We counted out (and munched a few!) while we worked to make colorful and delicious creations. Many thanks to Miss Jess for helping us thread so many loops! We also made crowns with 100 stars!

Words Come Alive

We had another session with Ms. Susanna Olsen from the Flynn Theater on Tuesday afternoon. Since we have been reading so many fairy tales, we worked with her to dramatize a favorite – The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza. I can really see children learning so much about making their own choices as actors. After we dramatized the story individually, we shared together about how our artistic choices helped  illustrate parts of the story or characters best. I think the children have shown so much growth and courage as learners through this model. Please check out the Shutterfly site for more pictures from our session. We have a two more sessions this month as well as a Companion Workshop with Susanna before our trip to see Curious George at the end of March.


We finished up our States of Matter by creating some Ooblick this week. Whew, was it a mess but it was fun to hypothesize about what kind of matter we created.

How – to Writing

We are beginning a new unit in writing – non fiction that teaches about how to do something. We have been talking, writing and sharing about things that we are really good at and could teach them all the steps to do – how to ride a bike, how to make cupcakes, how to walk the dog, etc… This unit differs from our “All About Books” in that the children have to stretch their writing over a few pages and really have to practice “editing” as they build the steps in the piece. I have enjoyed teaching the class “how to surf” as the example. Finally, the children are still working on adding sufficient details, clear illustrations, and understandable sentences.

Weather Bulletin!

With the weather heading (hopefully!) into mud season, our outdoor gear has been getting soaked during recess. While I encourage everyone to hang up their snow pants, etc, these items are still soaked when the day is over. Please send in an extra shopping bag – cloth or plastic – that could live in the backpack then we could separate the soaked from the non-soaked at the end of the day.  Also, it would be helpful to make sure that your child has an extra pair of socks in their backpack or cubby. Thanks in advance and please let me know if you have any questions.

Ashley Wolff — Follow Up

I took a few photos of our time with Ashely Wolff last week that I will post for you on Shutterfly.

Parent Conferences

We will have more Parent Conference session on 3/18 from 3-8pm. It was great to meet with some of you on Thursday and I look forward to seeing the rest of you on Wednesday. Please let me know if you need to change your time in advance.


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