Welcome Back, 4 Winds Tracking and Red Clover Books

Welcome Back!

I hope you all had a good vacation. It was so nice for us to have some down time in a sunny place. While some people in Florida were wearing fleece, wool and fur because it was so cold – Sawyer and I were happy in shorts! It has been a good week of reminding and practicing of our routines and expectations. I am sure we will be right back on track next week!

4 Winds Tracking

We had a super session with Koran and Keenan in 4 Winds. We learned about animal tracking in winter. It was a lot of fun to learn about the tracks that animals make in the snow. We even got to go outside to see if we could find tracks on our own. We especially loved the Puppet show that introduced the topics to be shared. It also allowed us to make connections to The Mitten – a book we read before vacation!

Red Clover Books

We began reading the Red Clover nominated books this week. Our first book was The Day the Crayons Quit. It is a really interesting story about how the crayons in the box feel about being used too much (green) not enough (white) and for the wrong thing (yellow/orange). The book is set up as letters to the owner of the crayons (Duncan) with suggestions about how to get the most out of his crayons. The children LOVED the book. We used white crayons to create drawings with “invisible ink”. When we painted with water colors over the white crayon on white paper, our creations magically appeared! We wrote a few signs that the crayons could hold to show their feelings. Red Clover books have been selected by the librarians in Vermont and then all children in the state vote on their favorite. We will continue reading these selections. For more information on Red Clover Books, go to: http://www.mothergooseprograms.org/red-clover-award/

Parent Conferences

I am sending home the first organizational tool for our parent conference scheduling in the folder. If you receive this sheet, please fill it out and send it back as soon as you can. Conferences will be held in the evenings of March 12 & 18. There is no school on March 13 for students.


This week’s homework is a shape bingo game. Please enjoy playing it and keep it at home!


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