Snow Study, Measurement and Coding in Kindergarten

4 Winds

We were so lucky to have Koran and Keenan in yesterday to share the 4 Winds lesson about snow. We learned that there are different types of snow crystals – columns, needles, and stellar. They taught us that snow is formed from dust particles and each crystal starts out as a hexagonal shape. We shared a book about Vermont’s own, Snowflake Bentley. He was a famous snowflake photographer and we saw how he persevered to follow his dream of photographing such elusive subjects! Finally, we cut out our own snowflakes. It was so magical to see the transformation from cutting the shapes to revealing the finished product!


In math, we have been learning about measurement. We have been using standard (rulers) and non-standard (popsicle sticks) units. We have been comparing the lengths of familiar objects. It has been a fun and active section of our math curriculum. This week’s homework is a reflection of our work with measurement thus far.

Chrome books with Mrs. Snow

This week, we worked on a simple coding game. The game involved giving the “angry bird” character commands to get to the green pig character. The children had to figure out which directions to send (some were 4+ long) the characters to meet. It was a great way to practice using the track pad as well as doing some flexible thinking about where to send the bird. The children absolutely LOVE the time with Mrs. Snow. After our sessions, they are always exclaiming “Wow! That was awesome!” Gotta love the enthusiasm. If you want to check out what we were working on, it can be found on the Robinson School Website at the following address:

It is the site called CODE. Many of us made it through a lot of the challenge levels in this site – so fun!

Dates to Remember:

Valentine’s Day Party – 2/13 – 11:00 am

February Break – 2/16-20

School resumes – 2/23

We are going to have a small Valentine’s Day snack/card exchange in the morning of 2/13. Then, we will spend the afternoon doing some fun Valentine’s Day themed activities. I will need some helpers to make this happen, so, keep your eyes open for a sign up for that. I will send it in an email on a platform called “Sign Up Genius.”

Valentine’s Day List


















Please write a card for each child in the class. We will exchange them on 2/13.

As a reminder, our enrichment class schedule is as follows:

Monday/Wednesday/Thursday – Wellness

Wednesday – Music

Thursday – Library

Art with Miss Joy – We are scheduled to work on creating our own puppets in February to go along with our folktale study.

Please help your child to remember sneakers and library books.  Additionally, we do our best to go outside each day except when it is wicked cold – hats, mittens, snow pants and boots are a must!

Thanks and stay warm this weekend!



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