A Short Week of School

Words Come Alive

We were so happy to have another visit with Susannah Olsen from the Flynn. She joined us on Wednesday to continue our work building characters. As the photo shows, we acted out different characters again. This time, we were trying to show our own individual ideas to represent character traits. For example, these three children were acting out a cranky character, Eugenia Lincoln. We noticed how they were all making individual choices to show cranky and we still got the idea of cranky! The individual choices really came together to create a solid whole tableau.

Let’s Find Out! Magazine

This week, our magazine highlighted the life, work and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. While we had already done some reading about his life prior to reading the magazine, it did a wonderful job of highlighting how we can carry on his work even today. If you happen by our classroom, you will see pictures we drew to show how we will show love in our lives just like Dr. King did.

The Forest Game

Our homework game is in the Friday Folder. It is a game that we have learned in Math to practice adding and subtracting skills. Please take some time over the weekend to play the game with your child. You can keep the game at home to play whenever you want. Enjoy!

New Morning Routine:

We started a new morning routine this week and I wanted you to know about it. We have a few new jobs that we must do before we make our morning choices. In an attempt to curb some of the germs that are so prevalent this time of year, you will notice that “wash your hands” is second on the list.

Here is what we must do each morning:

  1. Put your belongings away & put your shoes on.
  2. Wash your hands.
  3. Do your lunch magnet. (Indicate lunch choice independently on the board)
  4. Practice writing your name (first now, last later on…).
  5. Make a morning choice.

Chrome books with Mrs. Snow

We worked with the Chrome Book computers on Thursday morning. Mrs. Snow brought the laptops to our classroom so we could get some practice using the trackpad and the website abcya.com. We played the connect the letters and connect the numbers games. We also explored the ABC Order game on the Kindergarten part of the site. It was really pretty fun for all of us!

I will put the photos from the week on the Shutterfly site so take a peek over there. The photos from the Chrome books are pretty darn cute!

Dates to Remember:

Valentine’s Day Party – 2/13 – 1:30pm

February Break – 2/16-20

School resumes – 2/23

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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