Scientists, Actors, and Writers – oh my!

Science Notebooks

In an attempt to embrace the polar vortex we’ve been living in lately, we have been doing lots of experiments with freezing water and other liquids this week. We noticed that both dish soap and juice freeze when we leave them outside overnight but dry rice doesn’t freeze solid. On Wednesday, we placed three cups outside to see what would happen. One cup had 1” of water, one had 2” and the other had 3”. We were curious if more water in the cup would cause a bigger rip in the bottom of the cup after it froze. It sure did! In doing these experiments, we asked lots of questions, shared lots of wonderings, and took lots of notes in our notebooks. It has been lots of fun!

Words Come Alive – Mercy Watson Character Shaping and Tableaus

Susannah Olsen from the Flynn worked with our class again this week. We created some character shapes of Mercy Watson and Eugenia Lincoln. We worked with partners to shape ourselves in a few different scenes to illuminate the characters from the book. It was a lot of fun to become the characters we have loved so much. Additionally, we worked with Ms. Olsen to create shapes of Mercy and Eugenia that were individual and unique to our own imaginations rather than always relying on others for our ideas. As it always is when Susannah comes to our class, the students learn as much as I do about connecting with the content. It is always such a joy to see the children interacting with our learning in such an engaged fashion. We look forward to her next visit!

“All About” Books

Along with this experience, we created a short “All About” Mercy book that we have spent a good deal of time illustrating. It will go into our Book Box after we practice reading it. This book helped us to make sure our words and pictures match. We also wrote an “All About Diego Rivera” book together. Finally, we are writing our own “All About Books.” Some topics we have chosen include:

“All About Demo Cars”

“All About Being a Singer”

“All About Climbing”

“All About Soccer”

Stay tuned for more to come about our Writer’s Reception to showcase our hard work on these books…

Math – Unit 4

We have begun a new unit in our Math studies. As the pamphlet I sent home last week highlighted, we are using number lines to practice numeral order and the concepts of greater than/less than. Additionally, we learned a game that reinforces the concept of adding/subtracting. Next week, we will move into measurement skills and concepts.

Let’s Find Out! Magazine

This week, we shared our first edition of our Scholastic News Magazine. It was all about ice castles that are built each year in China. We learned about how the castles are made and what happens when the spring arrives! There was even a section about an ice restaurant and ice slides. Very high interest for all of us!

Dates to Remember:

No school 1/19 & 1/20

Book Orders due 1/23

Valentine’s Day Party – 2/13 – 1:30pm

February Break – 2/16-20


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