Happy New Year!!

I hope you all had a wonderful break. It was such a nice time to recharge and to reconnect with family and friends.

We tried our best to keep up with Sawyer on the ski hill. It was exhausting but fun. My folks came up from the Cape to dip into the magic of Christmas with a little one. It was really fantastic.


Characters and Story Elements

As I mentioned in the sidebar, we began another book series as a class. This week, we read Mercy Watson to the Rescue. We met lots of interesting characters and we spend time investigating the people in the book. In the coming weeks, we will continue to use this series to explore the parts of a story – plot, problem, solution, and setting. I am looking forward to it and I know the children are, too!


A Debate…

We began reading a series by Kate DiCamillo called “Mercy Watson.” The main character is a pig (Mercy) and we had a short debate on Thursday morning. One character in the stories, Eugenia Lincoln, doesn’t think that pigs should live in a house as Mercy does live in a house with her parents. So, we took turns talking about if we agreed or disagreed with Eugenia. It was fun and interesting. It gave us a chance to connect with the characters in the book as well as practicing more complex and complete thoughts.

An Experiement…

In the spirit of embracing the lovely temperatures we are having, we tried an experiment yesterday. We put 2 cups of water outside our classroom door overnight. One cup was hot water and the other was cold water. We made predictions about if the hot, cold, both or neither cup of water would freeze. Most of us (13) thought that only the cold water would freeze. We talked about what scientists do when they are asking questions and trying out their ideas. Hence, the experiment evolved. It was so fun to hear their ideas about what would happen. They were trying to convince one another about what would happen. We will also be exploring some other science-themed curiosities this month. Stay tuned…


UPDATE: The results of our experiment were as follows:

Both cups of water – hot and cold – froze when we left them outside overnight on Thursday. The cups both had a little frost on top and most interestingly to our little minds was the fact that both styrofoam cups split a small hole on the bottom, too. Hmmmm…..



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