News from Mrs. Lake’s Class – Last letter for 2014!

What a Week!

I hope you are all back “on-line” with power and life in this winter wonderland has returned to normal for your family. It was quite something to be out for so many days last week due to the storm. The children came back with lots of stories and lots of excitement for this week – as you can imagine!

Book Treasure Boxes 

Yesterday, we spent some time talking about and decorating our home book boxes. Hopefully, they made it home safely and you have helped your child to find a good place for them in your home. These boxes have a few purposes. First, they are a way to continue that excitement for reading. Also, they are a great way to carry over our work at school at your home. Finally, they provide more practice with (mostly) familiar texts. Most of the books that we sent home your child can read alone. A few of them may require help from you or from an older sibling. As the year progresses, we will add more books to the box. So, be on the lookout for similar books that come home in the Friday Folder and add them to the home book box collection. If you have any questions, please let me know. Most of all, enjoy reading with your child and try to do it as much as you can over our long winter break!

Word Come Alive

Susanna Olson, a teaching artist from the Flynn Theater, worked with us for two days this week using drama constructs to help us understand how to use our voices and bodies to illustrate how we were feeling. The goal of our workshop was to have children find individual ways to express or to dramatize a variety of feelings. We used a simple line – “Where is my hat?” to illuminate emotions like – angry, curious, bored, excited, surprised – as we moved through space. We discussed how using different movements and facial expressions help to showcase individual ideas. The children were so excited to work with Susanna that they have asked if she was coming back every day since her last visit on Tuesday! Luckily, she will be back in January for another workshop where Mrs. Lake will take the lead a bit more with our drama learning.

Important People in the World

We started learning about important people in the world. The children are really loving it! So far, we have learned about the following people:

Jane Goodall, Frida Kahlo, Barnum Brown, Annie Moore, Freddy Adu, Mia Hamm, Diego Rivera, Gertrude Ederley, and Kobe Bryant

We have learned that all of these people had a dream and they worked really hard to achieve it. We are learning about non-fiction texts and will continue this work when we return in January.

Dates/Information to Remember

School resumes on January 5.

No School for Students on January 19 or 20

Cochran’s Ski Program begins in January (see separate sheet in the folder for information)

We are doing a project in January and we need styrofoam trays that meat comes in – the small size, clean and dry!

We collect Boxtops for Education if you come across some send them in. They help earn money for our school and Mrs. Shep’s class processes them for us.

You will find a laminated Family Portrait in the Friday Folder. It is a project that we made for our Self and Family unit and I thought it would make a nice placemat for your home! Enjoy

Also, you will find our “Then and Now” card in the folder. Thanks for sending in all those cute baby pictures – the cards turned out beautifully!

Happy Holidays to You

I hope you all have a restful, relaxing and fun vacation. We have lots of time this year away from the routines of school to spend good time with family and friends. I hope that the New Year brings you and your family peace, joy, health and happiness. Happy Holidays and thanks for sharing your inquisitive, funny and caring children with me – they are such gifts!


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