Happy Kids at the Flynn Theater!

We had a really fun time seeing the play Charlotte’s Web at the Flynn on Wednesday morning. The production was really well done – simple but powerful. I think we were amazed by how Charlotte was portrayed – a human acting like a sparkly spider. Here are a few quotes from the trip:

“Mrs. Lake, that was just awesome. Awesome.”

“Can you believe that that pig was really a person dressed up like a pig?”

“When can we go back again?”

It was so much fun to see the story come to life before our eyes. Additionally, when we returned to school, the children wrote and drew about the most memorable part of the play for them.

We are headed back to the Flynn in the New Year – stay tuned for more information.

Dance of Childhood

We have had the pleasure to work with Ellen O’Brien of the Arts Connect Program over the past few weeks. She has joined our study of Self and Family. Along with the work we have been doing regularly, she organized and choreographed a dance that follows along the developmental development from baby to walking and talking. The children have worked hard to learn about moving to music and portraying different times of their lives through movement.

Making Mental Images

This past week, we have been learning about making mental images in our heads while we hear stories. We are practicing this because it trains our brains to think about what we are hearing as we read so we can make connections and ask questions.

Writing Equations

This week in math, we learned about how to write and to read simple addition equations. We learned about the + and = symbols. We practiced solving a variety of equations. We wrote our own word problems with pictures to match our equations, too.

Book Fair

Thanks for your support of the Book Fair. It is a fundraiser for the Project READ that funds and organizes the Book Wagon in the summer.

Upcoming Dates

Dec 12 & 16 – Words Come Alive Workshop with Susanna Olson from the Flynn

12/22 – Winter Vacation Begins.

1/5 – School Resumes in 2015

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving vacation. It was a nice chance for us all to have some down time before the holiday hustle!

I will put some new pictures on the Shutterfly site soon, so check them out!

Take care and have a super weekend.


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