Bravo! Bravo!

We are Seasoned Performers!

Thank you all so much for coming to the performance on Thursday night. It was so magical to see the children singing their song in front of such a large and supportive audience. The children worked really hard on the song and we had so much fun composing it with the Matt and John. Thanks again! I was so proud and I’m sure you were, too!

It was so fantastic to showcase our song on Thursday night. Thanks so much for coming. It was so amazing to hear the finished product and it also made me think about the process we went through to create the result. It reminded me that the power of learning is firmly grounded in the whole process of the learning and not just the end result. The song was incredible and so was the process we followed to create it. Along those same lines, report cards went home this week. We all learn in unique ways and at individual rates. It is so important to remember that the process of learning is so meaningful and important. Each and every child learns and grows on their own path. It is my job to help them to take supported risks so they can learn in all areas. The report card is a good way to communicate data about your children’s learning and the conference fills in the details. That being said, if you have questions or concerns about the report card, please be in touch.

Flynn Trip

We had a really fun trip to the Flynn on Tuesday. We LOVED seeing the stories come to life right before our eyes. It was fun to hear the children talk about the experience when we returned to school. I know that our Companion Workshop truly helped prepare us to interact with the whole Flynn experience. Many of us were amazed and surprised by the whole thing. It was so interesting to hear what caught their fancy – scenery, real bikes on stage, and people acting like mice – were a few highlights!

Puppet Making with Barbara Paulson

I am sure you have met your child’s puppet! We were so lucky to have Barbara Paulson of No Strings Attached Puppetry join us on Thursday. She helped us to make puppets of ourselves and she even taught us a bit of puppet manipulation. We learned how to construct and decorate a simple puppet. She also taught us to wave, bow and interact with another puppet. It was such a great experience. Many thanks to Vera Ryersbach for helping connect us with Barbara in the first place. Vera, Koran Cousino and Andy Young also helped operate the hot glue guns during the session to make our creations complete. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday 12/3 – Field Trip to the Flynn Theater for Charlotte’s Web

Thanksgiving Break – 11/26-28

Book Fair in the Library – 12/2-5

Dec 12 & 16 – Words Come Alive Workshop with Susanna Olson from the Flynn

12/22 – Winter Vacation Begins.

1/5 – School Resumes in 2015


A few more websites that you may want to check out:

This site features a combination of practice games organized by grade level. This site has a variety of games/activities both math and literacy.

This link will take you to the Math Learning Center’s Resource Page. Each online resource is organized by math skills – counting, number recognition, etc. This is a great site!


Education and the Arts

I heard this piece the other day and I just wanted to pass it along. Our school community has always been a vibrant supporter of the arts in learning and I am thankful and proud of that reality for our students. It is so important.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break. I am grateful for your children and your support each and every day!




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