Our Short Week!

Even though this was a short week, we managed to pack a lot in. We began our new unit about Self & Family. We learned a new math workplace – Pattern Block Puzzles. We practiced the letter P and a new sight word: can. Amy Johnston and Tim Gillespie came in to teach us about the “A” of CARES – assertion. We learned “I feel statements” which allow us to solve problems on our own. If find someone doing something we don’t like or we need to talk to a friend about our feelings, we learned that we can say: “I feel (fill in the feeling) when you (fill in situation). Can you please (fill in the request)? One that we practiced was, “I feel sad when you cut me in the lunch line. Can you please go back to your spot?” This “being assertive” technique can work at home, too! It works wonders for taking small problems and making them disappear.

In reading, we read Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse and drew about Lilly’s feelings in our Reading Response Journal. We also learned about how getting our brains ready to read by doing a picture walk before we start helps us to connect more purposefully with the text. We still LOVE independent reading time. A few literacy stations this week were: ABC matching, listening centers – Otis & A Pumpkin Story, and Starfall App.

Finally, we worked with Karen Sharpwolf to illuminate the Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse in advance of our trip to see the show later this month. It was lots of fun to act out and to explore the story as thoughtful actors and directors!

In appreciation… 

Thanks so much for all of your help and support last Friday. Poor Sawyer was home with a fever and a bad cough so I had to stay with him. It sounds like the Halloween Parade and Party were lots of fun. If you have any pictures of the events, could you forward to me? I want to put some on the class Shutterfly site.


Thanks so much for coming in to meet with me this week. It was wonderful to share all of our learning with you. I hope that you found our meeting helpful. Please let me know if you have further questions as we go along this year.

Self Portraits

We started our Self & Family Unit this week. We drew pictures of our faces and started sharing about what makes us special and unique. Please send in a baby picture next week so I can copy it for our unit. I will return it next Friday (11/14).

Dates to Remember:

NO SCHOOL on 11/7

Nov. 18 – Flynn Trip – Please return the permission slip ASAP

Spring Peepers Residency begins next week – 11/10

All School Performance to showcase the songs created during the residency – Nov. 20 at 6:30.

Now is a super time to make sure your child has a season-appropriate change of clothes in their cubbies or backpacks. It is comforting to have a ready change of clothes in case we need them. Thanks!

I need a few volunteers to come in to cover shoe boxes with paper during the next few weeks. If you have a spare hour here or there that you might volunteer, let me know via email. Thanks for considering it.


photo-5 copy





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