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Hi Families,

I hope you enjoy this blog as a way to keep connected to our happenings at school each week. I will most likely just be reposting Friday Letters. I may replace them with this online version to save paper and folder stuffing time. I am trying to figure out how this platform handles photos. Therefore, I won’t be posting many photos but will probably create a separate, private photo sharing site for our class on Shutterfly. Stay tuned for that…

In the meantime, I hope that you all have a good weekend. I heard a rumor that there may be snow on Sunday?! After all this 70 degree stuff, that will certainly be a shock!

Friday Letter – 10/16/14

We have had a good week and finished up our Apple Study with an extensive investigation on Tuesday about all the attributes of our apples. We found that some of our apples even weighed as much as 75 unifix cubes! We read a book about Johnny Appleseed and made up a sweet song about apples.


We wrote about our trip up the mountain and practiced stretching out our words to write down all the sounds we hear. We continued to work on adding labels to our drawings and learned a new sight word – go.


In reading, we learned about how Tod Parr illustrates feelings in his books. Then, we looked to find how the characters in our books were feeling. We noticed that some characters change their feelings over the course of the story. We also noticed that we don’t have to read the words to understand the story. We talked about our Reader’s Workshop Routine this week. We will follow this schedule as we move ahead: 1. Focus Lesson 2.Independent Reading 3.Sharing. Boy do we look forward to sharing! 😉


Next week, we will be celebrating colors! So, we will have a rainbow week and dress in the following colors each day.Don’t go out to buy anything special – shades of a color work, too! Here is the schedule:


Monday (10/20): Red

Tuesday (10/21): Orange

Wednesday (10/22): Yellow

Thursday(10/23): Green

Friday(10/24): Blue

Monday(10/27): Purple/Pink

Tuesday(10/28): Brown/Black

Wednesday(10/29): Rainbow

Thanks for your help and let me know if you have any questions!



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